Notice Period

I’m currently in the last 3 weeks of what has been a 13 week notice period after I resigned from my current job.   It’s officially 3 months. It due to calendars it’s worked out a long 13 weeks.

Normally these things are 4 weeks but as I have management grade it’s longer.  I understand the idea is to allow a replacement to be recruited which takes a month then they have to resign and serve their notice period which maybe a month or even 3, so the. If your employer is lucky they get a months handover.   Now this isn’t the case for me as due to some changes in the business I’m not currently being replaced.

The first month I spent documenting and handing over bits, the second month trying to stop doing the bits I have already handed over.  The last month I’ve been mainly planning a leaving meal and sorting the odd contract renewals, nothing that anyone else really couldn’t pick up. The reality is I’m leaving 14 workdays but keep getting pulled in to things despite trying to distance myself, so the 3 months haven’t really forced anyone to pick things up.

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