Apps I use…Entertainment 

These are some of the apps I use on my IPad or IPhone.   Currently use and IPad Air2and a combination of a Work Iphone6s and a personal 5C, although looking to replace that.

Apps in this case are quite straightforward 

  • Netflix– rarely use on the IPad mainly use this on my Smart TV
  • Soundcloud – I like Soundcloud for when I need some background music at work.  I find with Spotify or ITunes I’ll get distracted and bounce around to much.  
  • Sky+ – App for my Sky TV Box.  Use it for recording shows and general TV guide.  The bit I like about this app is that if there is a schedule clash it tells you and recommends other times the shows are on.  This is something the actual set top box doesn’t do!
  • Now TV – again I don’t really use this on my IPad, but I access Sky movies through this currently on My TV.  I have an offer at the moment where I am only paying £3.99a month but don’t get the movies in HD.  This is fine as it’s normally for family Friday movie night and so is more family/Kids movie than mega blockbuster.
  • Overcast– Podcast app of choice on my IPad and Mobiles.   I tend to find most car journeys involve me listening to a podcast playing via Overcast.
  • IMDB – for when you recognise and actress or actor and look them up.  Then find you have never watched anything there in.  So have no idea still why you recognise them!
  • Sky go – Download TV shows from sky to take with me. Useful for holidays 
  • My Sky -Manage Sky account And some loyalty rewards
  • Sky store – if you have brought a movie through sky yo can manage it through this app. Used twice really not worth it.
  • BBC IPlayer– Watch live or on demand BBC Shows

Tech I Use: Anker Earphones

A couple of months ago I needed some new headphones for the gym and when I go running, and decided to go for some wireless ones.  I find that a cable generally gets in the way when doing any weights above my chest.  I dint want to spend a lot because I tend to lose them or damaage them.  I initaly purcahsed some a pair of Mpow earphones, but twice had an issue where one of the sides stopped working, plus they never sat quite right in my ears.     So I replaced these with a pair of Anker Soundbuds Slim.

I quite like the Anker products and have charges and holders (Read this on the Verge for more information on the company).   These sat in my ear well and didnt slip when running and happy with the sound for what I need.  A little feature I liked is the top of each ear piece has a magnet so you can put them out of the way around your neck.

The only mixed isue I have is the controls.  On one of the sides is a control button as part of the cable.  While this is convinent, I kept activating siri when trying to change songs.   Plus when running it seems to bounce to much and get in the way.

So I decided to switch these to the Anker Sports model, and for a current price of just under £20 there brilliant.  Same style but not magnet which is a shame, but the positive is there is no control ont he cable.  There is a simple power button and volume control on each ear bud, which is sufficent for my need.  I think I feel to self conscious of the controls to actually wear them out and about as it does seem to sit a bit ackwardly.     I have retaineed the original Ankers and just use these around the home and in the garden and still enjoy using them, but for value for money the sports model is the way to go.

This video gives more of an overview