Apps I use…Entertainment 

These are some of the apps I use on my IPad or IPhone.   Currently use and IPad Air2and a combination of a Work Iphone6s and a personal 5C, although looking to replace that.

Apps in this case are quite straightforward 

  • Netflix– rarely use on the IPad mainly use this on my Smart TV
  • Soundcloud – I like Soundcloud for when I need some background music at work.  I find with Spotify or ITunes I’ll get distracted and bounce around to much.  
  • Sky+ – App for my Sky TV Box.  Use it for recording shows and general TV guide.  The bit I like about this app is that if there is a schedule clash it tells you and recommends other times the shows are on.  This is something the actual set top box doesn’t do!
  • Now TV – again I don’t really use this on my IPad, but I access Sky movies through this currently on My TV.  I have an offer at the moment where I am only paying £3.99a month but don’t get the movies in HD.  This is fine as it’s normally for family Friday movie night and so is more family/Kids movie than mega blockbuster.
  • Overcast– Podcast app of choice on my IPad and Mobiles.   I tend to find most car journeys involve me listening to a podcast playing via Overcast.
  • IMDB – for when you recognise and actress or actor and look them up.  Then find you have never watched anything there in.  So have no idea still why you recognise them!
  • Sky go – Download TV shows from sky to take with me. Useful for holidays 
  • My Sky -Manage Sky account And some loyalty rewards
  • Sky store – if you have brought a movie through sky yo can manage it through this app. Used twice really not worth it.
  • BBC IPlayer– Watch live or on demand BBC Shows