The Refugee Crisis – Ted Talk

“65 million people displaced from their homes by violence and persecution last year. If it was a country, that would be the 21st largest country in the world. Most of those people, about 40 million, stay within their own home country, but 25 million are refugees. That means they cross a border into a neighboring state.” – David Miliband

Just consider that for a moment that fact, the number of Refugees displaced from their homes would make it the 21st largest country in the world. The 21st, that’s more than the UK at 22nd, and France currently at 21st.   Just think about that number for a second.

I came across this Ted Talk yesterday from David Milliband who now try to help the refugee crisis.   There are shocking points in this where it really hits home the size of the crisis.  One point, he talks to a young person and asks them where their home originally is.  They were born in the camp, and have been there that long.

Take 20 minutes of your time and watch this.